Laure Winants, research-based artist from Brussels (b.1991). Through interdisciplinary and experimental projects, she develops her work as a political place to explore, experiment elements, light and space. Her current projects crosses the boundaries of science and art, and draws upon collaborative works with geographers, geologists, and speculative philosophers.

Winants invites the viewer to cross into a new sensory space. She was recently in an Artist-in-Residence at GlogauAIR Berlin and now prep for the new collaboration with CNRS Toulouse.

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Amazon Forest Fires (2019), 2020-2021 - ongoing with a brazilian collective

Solar Eruptionwith Matt West Solar physist Royal Observatory of Belgium

Polar Projectwith belgian film maker Arthur Anger 

CNRS project, (ongoing) with CNRS France, residence 1+2, Observatoire Midi Pyrénées, CNRM Centre National de Recherches Météorologiques, CLS Centre de traitement des données ARGOS.

Microplastic project, with Gael Leroux Laboratoire Fonctionnelle et Environnementale Toulouse, France

The comet is coming, astrophysics ic research with Royal Observatory of Belgium

Thermal Camera projectresearch on light and heat with the thermal camera

Unseen, (ongoing) 

The Sun also rises, (ongoing) 

Tempête, (ongoing)